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sus 410l cr stainless steel bar

sus 410l cr stainless steel bar

sus 410l cr stainless steel bar


410 STAINLESS STEEL 410 STAINLESS STEEL PRODUCT DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATIONS AK Steel Type 410 Stainless Steel sheet and strip is covered by the following specifications:AMS 5504 ASTM A240 AVAILABLE FORMS Type 410 Stainless Steel is produced in coils and cut lengths in thicknesses 0.01 0.125 in. (0.25 3.18 mm) and widths up to 36 in 410 Stainless Steel Sheet, Bar & Plate - AMS 5504Mechanical Properties Type 410 SS is a hardenable, martensitic stainless steel. It combines the superior wear resistance of high carbon alloys with the excellent corrosion resistance of chromium stainless. It features high strength, heat resistance, and good ductility.

410/420 Stainless Steel Bar - National Specialty Alloys

410/420 Stainless Steel Bar UNS S41000/UNS S42000 Stainless steel 410/420, also known as UNS S41000 and UNS S42000, is considered a basic martensitic stainless steel. Comprised of 11.5% to 13.5% chromium and iron, along with trace amounts of other elements including carbon, manganese, phosphorus, silicon, and sulfur. After heat treatment, Stainless Steel 410 exhibits high [] 410S - Rolled Alloys, Inc.410S Alloy 410S stainless steel is a low carbon modification of Type 410 stainless steel. Low carbon and optionally a small addition of titanium and/ or columbium minimize austenite formation at high temperatures, thereby restricting the alloy's ability to harden. 416 Stainless Steel - Penn StainlessAlloy 416 is a martensitic, free-machining, chromium steel alloy that is generally considered to be the first free-machining stainless steel. It has the highest machinability of any stainless steel at about 85% of that of a free-machining carbon steel.

4Cr13 (40Cr13) Stainless Steel Datasheet, Properties

4Cr13 Stainless Steel Introduction. 4Cr13 steel (New name:40Cr13) is a martensitic type stainless steel, which has higher hardness than 3Cr13 steel after quenching. The steel has good mechanical processing performance. ASM Material Data SheetAISI Type 410 Stainless Steel, tempered at 605°C, tested at 595°C (1100°F) Subcategory:Ferrous Metal; Heat Resisting; Metal; Stainless Steel; T 400 Series Stainless Steel Close Analogs:AISI Type 410 Key Words:AFNOR Z 12 C 13, UNI X 12 Cr 13, JIS SUS 410, SS14 2302 (Sweden), B.S. 410 S 21, UNS S41000, AMS 5504, AMS 5505, AMS 5591, AMS 5613, AMS 5776, AMS 5821, ASME SA194 JIS G4303 SUS410L Martensitic Stainless Steel - BEBON JIS G4303 SUS410L Martensitic Stainless Steel is mainly used for manufacturing motor vehicle exhaust treatment equipment, boiler combustion chamber,and spray nozzle and so on.. 1. JIS G4303 SUS410L Martensitic Stainless Steel Chemical composition:C :0.03 Si:1.00 Mn:1.00 S:0.03 P:0.04 Cr

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Stainless Steel Square is the ideal product to use when greater strength and corrosion resistance are needed. With its dull and durable finish, it can handle exposure to acid, chemicals, and both fresh and salt water. Easy to weld, it is frequently used in frame work, braces, marine, and other applications. SUS 410L Chemical Composition, Mechanical Properties, use of SUS 410L,such as it is commonly used in bars, sheet,plates, steel coils, steel pipes,forged and other materials application. Data Table for Grades Stainless Steels - Special Steels Cold-rolled stainless steel plate, sheet and strip SUS 410L SUS 410L Standard Number ITEM Standard Number Descriptions SUS 410L JIS ::Total MateriaTranslate this pageSUS 410L, JIS, G 4303, Stainless steel bars, G 4304, Hot-rolled stainless steel plates, sheet and strip, G 4305, Cold-rolled stainless steel plate, sheet and strip, G 4312, Heat-resisting steel plate, sheet and strip, G 4311, Heat-resisting steel bars and wire rods, G 4322, Stainless steel bars for concrete reinforcement, G 4308, Stainless steel wire rods, G 4317, Hot-formed stainless steel

SUS 410L steel chemical,JIS G4303 SUS 410L stainless

JIS G4303 SUS 410L Stainless steel JIS G4303 SUS 410L Stainless steel is a kind of ferrite Stainless Steel material. SUS 410L stainless steelchemical composition is :C Si Mn P S Cr Mo N Al 0.03 1.00 1.00 0.04 0.03 11.00-13.50 - - - The surface finish type of SUS 410L we can supply are :2B, NO.1/#1, 2D, NO.3, NO.4 .. SUS410L - Steel GradesHaihong International Trade (HK) CO., Limited. Stainless Steel, Special Steel, Compressor Blading, Turbine Blading, Superalloy Supplier. SUS410L can be supplied as steel plate/ sheet, round steel bar, steel tube/pipe, steel stripe, steel billet, steel ingot, steel wire rods. electroslag, forged ring/ block,etc. TEL:+86-816- FAX:+86-816-2 Sn-added Ferritic Stainless Steel, NSSC FW series SUS 410L NSSC FHZ NSSC 450MS Weldability Corrosion resistance Heat resistance NSSC 110M Resistance to stress corrosion cracking NSSC 27AS 304JS Formability Extra-low interstitial ferritic stainless steel Corrosion resistance Formability Weldability (18Cr-8Ni) (17Cr-7Ni-2Cu-LC,N) (17Cr-8Ni-3Mn-3Cu-LC,N) (18Cr-10Ni-2Si-2Cu-0.8Mo) (18Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo)

Stainless Steel - Grade 410 (UNS S41000)

  • Topics CoveredIntroductionKey PropertiesCompositionMechanical PropertiesPhysical PropertiesGrade Specification ComparisonPossible Alternative GradesCorrosion ResistanceHeat ResistanceHeat TreatmentWeldingMachiningApplicationsGrade 410 stainless steels are resistant to hot gases, steam, food, mild acids and alkalies, fresh water and dry air. These steels obtain maximum corrosion and heat resistance through hardening. However, grade 410 steels are less corrosion resistant than austenitic grades and grade 430 ferritic alloys containing 17% chromium. Smooth surface finish offers improved performance of steels.Stainless steels for mildly corrosive environmentsModa 410S/4000 is a 13% chromium general-purpose stainless steel that is used widely where corrosion is not severe. When supplied in the age hardened condition Moda 410S/4000 can be used where moderate corrosion and higher strength is required, while retaining its machinability. Stainless Steel - Grade 410 (UNS S41000)Oct 23, 2001 · 410 is the basic martensitic grade stainless steel. They are optimised for high hardness, although other properties can be compromised. Corrosion resistance is aided by hardening. Typical applicatiosn include fasteners, bushings, pumps and valves, steam and Stainless Steel, 303, 304, 316, 316L, 410, 416, 431, F51 Stainless Steel, Manufacturers & Distributors, 303, 304, 316, 316L, 410, 416, 431, F51, F55, 174PH, Standard Grades, IMCO, Special Grades, Sheffield, UK

    SUS410L steel - Steel Grades

    Tool & Die Steels Inc. Stainless Steel, Special Steel, Compressor Blading, Turbine Blading, Superalloy Supplier. SUS410L Round Bar SUS410L Flat Bar SUS410L Hollow Bar SUS410L Tube / Pipe SUS410L Sheet / Plate SUS410L Strip / Coil SUS410L Wire SUS410L Forging SUS410L Tube /

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